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@alderwomanamyp Mar 16, 15:45

@JeffFlake Trump was elected for his outside the box style. Trump has our vote for 2020

@realDonaldTrump Mar 13, 01:52


@alderwomanamyp Mar 12, 22:32

@EPAScottPruitt Every one email Pruitt and demand option #7 the clean up. In the meeting video at 1:20:30 an employ… https://t.co/jcRXmG4G0D

@alderwomanamyp Mar 09, 19:07

@realDonaldTrump pls ensure new guy goes with option 7 on Westlake Landfill, there are 2 -18 wheelers buried about… https://t.co/WiUBCfxe6P

@alderwomanamyp Mar 07, 03:51

Thank AJ glad to see ya there, got done with CALEA in time to see online you speak as well. Thank you! https://t.co/6Kj6yGSNTO

@alderwomanamyp Mar 03, 04:08

Download the free Ring app and join me in the Neighborhood Watch. Ring will keep you up-to-date with crime and safe… https://t.co/DWd3thU6ZD

@alderwomanamyp Feb 27, 15:05

Prevent Potential Radioactive Catastrophe in St. Louis - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/k53R39xwxc via @Change

@realDonaldTrump Feb 22, 15:54

Will be meeting with Lawmakers today at 11:30 A.M. to discuss School Safety. Next week it will be with our Nation’… https://t.co/USyL5x0ujR

@amypoelker2 Feb 20, 02:30

Urgent need to email Stenger in support of this Power Plex Project - https://t.co/ZUNay3jzhn

@alderwomanamyp Feb 16, 05:54

Should pay for Radon remediation also https://t.co/LFvpmZFXvq https://t.co/3JySlfZTrr

@atomichomefront Feb 14, 04:01

ATOMIC HOMEFRONT is now available to stream for FREE. Watch it now: https://t.co/N1jtRpYtYW The film is also ava… https://t.co/4xcW5I6BQR

@alderwomanamyp Feb 14, 04:01

Yes Thank you its a must see https://t.co/Li6VMS1NyM

@alderwomanamyp Feb 13, 16:49

Get your comments in https://t.co/3jOp42XT1B

@DawnChapmanSTL Feb 13, 05:47

Packed Church at @atomichomefront watch party!! #WestLakeLandfill https://t.co/lGVJwDjeQY

@alderwomanamyp Feb 13, 05:46

Did you? https://t.co/QgtZQmgR2Z

@DawnChapmanSTL Feb 13, 05:46

You know @BillGates that trip to your office in DC was a lot of $$$ my community had to raise! And still you ignore… https://t.co/GUHFVbioKg

@alderwomanamyp Feb 10, 21:01

If the state government is going to continue to eliminate muni funds and increase muni costs then they must come up… https://t.co/GetR7Hb2GK

@alderwomanamyp Feb 10, 20:59

Bet a Statewide 1/8 cent sales tax would raise enough to fix roads. Its more than state hwys its muni, big city, an… https://t.co/csaEXXCvzX

@AllmanReport Feb 10, 20:52

From giving props to N Korean leaders, to making light of a visit to a Nazi death camp, there are seemingly no dept… https://t.co/1ePjmLVMga

@HouseGOP Feb 10, 20:52

No longer will our military be undertrained and under-equipped on the battlefield. This morning’s passage of the Bi… https://t.co/9xhHsJcUFJ

@realDonaldTrump Feb 10, 20:52

Republicans want to fix DACA far more than the Democrats do. The Dems had all three branches of government back in… https://t.co/0Or3U2CFZR

@stlzoo Feb 10, 20:51

Cheetah Cubs Update: The playful siblings turned 10 weeks old this week. Mom, Bingwa, keeps a watchful eye on the a… https://t.co/HckmJ6Hmeu

@RitenourSchools Feb 10, 20:51

We are proud to welcome Mr. Jeffery Marker as the new principal of @Ritenour_HS, effective July 1! "I’m thrilled t… https://t.co/LBFelkdTlP

Westlake Pipeline Hearing City of St Ann held upon my request runs Past residential and 4 Schools.

St Ann Parks

Say No to Better Together

My run for St Louis County Council with Highway facts in beginning.