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@AVCAVolleyball Dec 15, 05:18

Both teams now passing nearly equal. Perfect passing Florida 29% Stanford 31%

@NCAAVolleyball Dec 15, 03:59

NEBRASKA WILL PLAY FOR THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! No. 5 @Huskervball fights off match point in the 4th, beats No.… https://t.co/IHDy4VoEfy

@NCAAVolleyball Dec 15, 03:58

No. 3 @StanfordWVB vs No. 2 @GatorsVB will start at 10:30 ET on @espn. #NCAAVB https://t.co/34vbIftblV

@alderwomanamyp Dec 14, 23:27

Dr Kilbride Holiday Video https://t.co/kENOmSxaFE via @YouTube

@alderwomanamyp Dec 12, 19:33

Thank you baby doll ❤️ Love you https://t.co/QhORZq5nNn

@GatorsVB Dec 12, 03:38

#Gators don't shake hands. #Gators gotta hug 😭 https://t.co/tp2GELu8RC

@BeschlossDC Dec 12, 03:38

Apollo 11 U.S. Customs form after first moon landing by astronauts, 1969: https://t.co/YKmiBCyIeb

@usavolleyball Dec 12, 03:37

NCAA Finals Excitement! The @NCAAVolleyball semis are set with both matches airing live Thursday on @espn. #5https://t.co/OrcTvRpXuJ

@NCAAVolleyball Dec 10, 18:21

Who wins the National Championship? #NCAAVB 🏐

@JillSchupp Dec 10, 17:08

West Lake on EPA list of Superfund sites targeted for 'immediate' action https://t.co/Q4mwF14zkA via @stltoday

@GatorsVB Dec 10, 03:13

The moment we blew the roof off the O'Dome... 🙌🙌🙌🙌 https://t.co/NKcHJhY58Q

@GatorsVB Dec 10, 00:08

If you can't be with us in the O'Dome, follow along: 📺: @ESPNU 📻 (@ESPNGainesville): https://t.co/mAmgctk7kH 📱💻:… https://t.co/ddirO2e8i1

@alderwomanamyp Dec 07, 20:07

City of St Ann Board of Aldermen Meeting 12/4/17 https://t.co/RLfAt9XpBE via @YouTube

@espnW Dec 06, 18:08

“I’m thrilled with how far volleyball’s come: how many girls are playing now, how athletic this game is, how many t… https://t.co/ElKVlcMATb

@amypoelker2 Dec 06, 05:21

Pool Price Reduction - https://t.co/cTF2YYoQB2

@alderwomanamyp Dec 04, 04:29

🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 https://t.co/88GfbfPc0J

@PennStateVBALL Nov 27, 03:21

No. 1 Penn State takes a piece of the Big Ten title with a 3-1 win over No. 8 Minnesota! https://t.co/tUj0aLTiw5 https://t.co/m8Yp8v8YJw

@GatorsVB Nov 27, 03:20

Top-4 seed for the #NCAAVB Tournament = #HappyGators https://t.co/zFVoFA0sQX

@NCAAVolleyball Nov 27, 02:32

BREAKING: Top 4 seeds for #NCAAVB Championship revealed in alphabetical order! Full bracket revealed at 9 pm ET on… https://t.co/YtNbgmK1LX

@JeffBernthal Nov 26, 04:54

Pattonville scores with less than a minute left. Up 35-28 over Staley with :44 left. https://t.co/tp0saG7YoU

@PattonvilleSD Nov 26, 04:34

Pattonville scores to tie it up 28-28! Amazing job Pirates!

@DavidSTLhss Nov 26, 04:10

Eleby gets hit but lets it fly and finds Shelton for a 51 yd TD. Pattonville ties Staley 28-28 with 4:03 in the 3rd. #mopreps #STLfootball

@DavidSTLhss Nov 26, 03:02

Raybourn hits Elam for an 77 yd TD. Staley leads Pattonville 28-14 with 4:03 in the 2nd. #mopreps #STLfootball

@phsTODAY Nov 26, 02:25

Dakari Streeter gets an interception and Pattonville takes over again. Pattonville 7, @StaleyFootball 0 with 8:00 l… https://t.co/Z6RzktBVXd

@PattonvilleSD Nov 26, 01:57

Team is on the field. https://t.co/OZS53689KI

@PattonvilleSD Nov 26, 01:56

The @Pattonville_HS marching band, drill team, cheer and Pirate fans are ready to cheer on their team. Go Pirates! https://t.co/6QQVb1hJbh

@PattonvilleSD Nov 25, 18:12

IT'S GAME DAY! Let's go Pirates! Best wishes on today's state championship game. We're cheering for you! Pirate... https://t.co/9z6LLnKR3y

Westlake Pipeline Hearing City of St Ann held upon my request runs Past residential and 4 Schools.

St Ann Parks

Say No to Better Together

My run for St Louis County Council with Highway facts in beginning.